Teaching experience


As an Instructional Teaching Assistant, I was responsible for teaching the course: TAM 251 — Introductory Solid Mechanics, during the Summer 2012 term. My tasks included course design and content management for the sophomore level class, lecturing, discussions, homework/exam setting, evaluation and grading.

Teaching Assistantships

I have further relevant experience as a Teaching Assistant in the following theory-cum-laboratory classes:

ME 598 Advanced MEMS/NEMS (Spring '11)
ME 487 Theory, Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS (Fall '12, Spring '09, Spring '10)
IE 310 Operations Research (Fall '14)
TAM 335 Introductory Fluid Mechanics (Fall '07, Spring '08, Fall '11)
ME 310 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics (Spring '12)
TAM 251 Introductory Solid Mechanics (Spring '15)

Responsibilities included laboratory instruction and demonstration, discussion groups, some lectures, assisting with course material during office hours, homework/exam setting and grading.

Graduate Coursework

At the U of I, I took classes in computational techniques, math and continuum mechanics; further, several classes for better perspective and in-depth understanding of my favourite topic—MEMS; and, certain special topics relevant to my research. They are listed below by category:


ME 485 Introduction to MEMS
ME 498 Theory, Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS
CHBE 594 Microchemical Systems
ME 598 Mechanics of MEMS
ECE 416 Biosensors
ECE 444 IC Device Theory and Fabrication

Emerging Technologies

CEE 598 Advanced Materials for Water Treatment Systems
NPRE 498 Energy Storage Systems


TAM 445 Continuum Mechanics
TAM 541 Mathematical Methods for Engineering I
TAM 551 Solid Mechanics I
ME 504 Multiphase Systems and Processes
MSE 480 Surfaces and Colloids


ME 412 Numerical Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
ME 471 Introduction to Finite Element Methods